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Khamis, Ogos 21, 2008

Dubai's Palm Island

Sekadar berkongsi maklumat agar minda kita terbuka luas, maklumat dalam bentuk documentary video, virtual maps dan perkataan digabung menjadi satu sumber yang boleh dijadikan rujukan. Itulah tujuan utama blog ini. Contents is a king. Jika maklumat ini berteraburan di luar sana, Jerunei akan menghimpunkannya menjadi satu.

The Palm Jumeirah, Qatar

Use Platial Search to Explore the virtual map of Qatar and Palm Island

An enormous project is underway in the Arabian Gulf that will change the face of the coastline. It is so vast that it can be seen from space. Palm Jumeirah, one of the most audacious engineering projects the world has ever seen, is an artificial island in the shape of a massive palm tree. A breathtaking megastructure and an ambitious engineering feat, Palm Jumeirah is part of an even bigger plan to transform Dubai into one of the world's premiere tourist destinations. But with only a few years to create this paradise island, it's a race against time. Besides the construction of the island, there is also the challenge of building a small city, including 4,500 luxury houses and apartments, 29 hotels, miles of roads, and all the utilities required by the thousands of people who will be living on and using this island including water, electricity, gas and sewage. The project is due for completion in 2008 - are they on course to meet their deadline? And what other megastructures has the Sheikh planned for Dubai?

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